6 Interesting Facts About The Blue Mountains

Interesting Facts About Blue Mountains

Are you planning a day tour in the Blue Mountains? Are you excited about making new discoveries at the Blue Mountains? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then here are 6 facts you should find quite interesting.

1. They Are Actually Blue

When it comes to the names of certain mountain ranges in the world with colours in their names, this is not a reflection of what one can expect to see.

With that said, the Blue Mountains are actually this hue when looking at them from afar. This is caused by the oils that are released from eucalyptus trees in the area.

The combination of these oils, water vapour, dust and light cause the peaks to be blue in appearance.

2. Ghost Tours Are Available

There are many legends that involve the Blue Mountains and some of them are downright eerie. There have been black panther sightings in the Lithgow area as well as many reports of UFOs being spotted.

Whether either of these is true is up for debate, but what cannot be disputed is the fact that there are ghost tours available for those who enjoy a good scare.

If you are unsure of where to go to partake in something of the sort, you can always call around to different companies to see what they have available.

3. Many People Get Lost

While some people are great with a compass and a keen sense of direction, others are not so fortunate.

Many people head to the mountains each day without incident, but there are others who veer so far off course that they need to be rescued. On average, more than 100 people lose their way in this range annually.

The positive thing about this is that many are found safe within a day of their disappearance.

4. Unique Plants

One thing that sets this place apart from others is the fact that more than 150 plants exist there that cannot be found anywhere else in the entire world.

This includes a plant called Thismia megalongensis, which is an attractive-looking orange flower that smells like fungus and rotting fish.

This plant was discovered in 2015 in the mountains and is one of the many unique types of foliage that can be found there.

5. Snow Is A Rare Occurrence

When most people think of mountains, they imagine them being covered in snow due to the altitude, but this is not something that happens commonly here. In fact, during the average winter, snow only falls once or twice.

Over the past few decades, it has actually become rarer than ever before. Many people believe that this is due to factors like a growing population in the area and climate change, but there is no definitive way to pinpoint the cause.

6. This Is Mecca For Creativity

The Blue Mountains attracts all types of people who can be described as the creative type. Writers, artists and musicians can be found all over.

Nearly 8% of those who live in the area work in one of the many creative industries. This is more than twice the national average. Creative work is the source of hundreds of millions in revenue each year.

It is impossible for anyone to know every single detail about the places they visit, but it is interesting to try and learn as much as you can. Hopefully, you have learned something new while reading this article about the Blue Mountains.

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