Feeding Kangaroos at Featherdale Wildlife Park

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Featherdale Wildlife Park is a must-visit attraction for any animal lover travelling to the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales. Located just a short drive from Sydney, this all-Australian wildlife park is home to various native species, from cuddly koalas to fearsome crocodiles. But the highlight of any visit to Featherdale is undoubtedly the chance to feed and interact with kangaroos up close.

As soon as you enter the kangaroo enclosure, you’ll be greeted by these friendly marsupials hopping around freely, eager to be fed. Visitors are encouraged to offer them pellets from their hands or a bowl, and it’s an incredible experience to feel the soft nuzzle of a kangaroo as it reaches for the food. Watch for joeys peeking from their mother’s pouches, and snap a photo with these iconic Australian animals.

A Close Encounter with Australia’s Native Animals

But Featherdale Wildlife Park isn’t just about kangaroos. Visitors can also meet native animals like wombats, echidnas, wallabies, and Tasmanian devils. The park’s crocodile enclosure is another highlight, featuring a massive saltwater croc that is sure to impress. And for those who love birds, there are colourful aviaries filled with parrots, cockatoos, and other feathered friends.

Fun and Education for All Ages

So why should you visit Featherdale Wildlife Park? Apart from the chance to feed kangaroos and see other unique Australian animals up close, the park offers a fun and educational experience for all ages. You’ll learn about the vital conservation work being done to protect these animals, and you’ll leave with a deeper appreciation for the natural wonders of this beautiful country.

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