Five Things To Do At Scenic World Blue Mountains

Five Things Scenic World Blue Mountains

Ever thought of looking up some of the best places to visit and activities to do in Australia? Well, the Blue Mountains, which is listed as a World Heritage site, is home to the Scenic World.

Scenic World offers both locals and visitors an unmatched nature-based and a self-guided experience. Here, you get to enjoy the grand panoramas of the waterfalls, outback, and escarpment. Sounds like the perfect tour, right?

Located at Katoomba, Scenic World offers views and experiences not likely to be seen and felt anywhere else in the world and makes for a great day tour.

Looking to explore the Scenic World? Here are five things you could do here for an unforgettable experience.

  • Enjoy the view of Jamison Valley at the Scenic World Top Station
  • Trek the Scenic Walkway
  • Glide along the Scenic Skyway
  • Explore the Jamison Valley on the Scenic Cableway
  • Take a train trip along the Scenic Railway

1. Enjoy the view of Jamison Valley at the Scenic World Top Station

Scenic World is situated at the edge of the cliffs overlooking the Jamison Valley. The Top Station is where all the adventure begins as visitors purchase their tickets here.

The Scenic Cableway, Railway, and Skyway all begin at the Top Station and travel along or across the Jamison Valley. Here, visitors can also access amenities such as restaurants, parking, retail stores, and restrooms.

2. Trek the Scenic Walkway

Hiking enthusiasts will especially love this one. The 2.4-kilometre Scenic Walkway is well-laid under the rainforest’s canopy in the Jamison Valley.

While strolling the walkway, visitors get to enjoy the view of many plant and animal species. Visitors also experience the walkway’s microclimate, which is nothing like the weather at the escarpment top.

The hiking experience is heightened whenever it rains, as the mist muddles clear vision. During the rainy spells, birds become more vocal, and the plant species become more colourful.

3. Glide along the Scenic Skyway

The Scenic Skyway gives you the best views of the Blue Mountains landscapes. This trip allows visitors to enjoy the views Mt. Solitary, the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls, and the Jamison Valley.

From a height of 270 metres, visitors experience the spectacular views of the temperate rainforest canopy through the electro-glass floor of the cabin.

At the Skyway’s East Station, visitors can also access lookout points such as The Three Sisters and Echo point for the perfect view of the Prince Henry Cliff Walk.

4. Explore the Jamison Valley on the Scenic Cableway

The Scenic Cableway has been providing visitors with magnificent views of the Jamison Valley since 2000. The ride is a 545-metre journey down the valley and back to the top of the escarpment.

The enclosed cabin provides the perfect view of Australia’s iconic rock formations, including Orphan Rock, the Three Sisters, and Mt. Solitary.

After experiencing the geology of the Blue Mountains, visitors can disembark on the Scenic Walkways for a trek along the rainforest.

5. Take a Train Trip along the Scenic Railway

Originally built to connect to the Katoomba coal mine, the Scenic Railway was later revamped to serve as amusement for visitors.

A ride along the 52 degrees inclined terrain and the world’s steepest passenger railway is sure to give visitors an adrenaline rush.

Visitors can choose their height of adventure by adjusting their seating position, with the original (52 degrees), cliffhanger (64 degrees) and the laidback being the available options.


Scenic World is a one-stop tourist attraction site that offers visitors lots of activities. It is located at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains and features the rainforest and rock formations.

Here, visitors can descend into the Jamison Valley on the Scenic Cableway, take a ride on the Scenic Railway, enjoy the views of the wilderness on the Scenic Skyway, and even take the Scenic Walkway.

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