Things to see in the Blue Mountains

things to see in the blue mountains

Australia is a country that is renowned for its stunning natural beauty as well as the unique flora and fauna which make the island continent such a magnificent place to visit and explore.

Amidst such natural wonder, there are regions and destinations which shine with their own special light.

One of these places is the Blue Mountains, which can be found approximately 65 kilometres from one of the most iconic cities in the world – Sydney.

The name given to the sandstone spires and valleys of the mountain range is due to the haze caused by a fine mist of fragrant Eucalyptus oil that exudes from the towering trees that are so much a part of the landscape around the Blue Mountains.

The Blue Mountains are a favourite with those who want to take a day trip when passing through Sydney and have a couple of days to spare.

The 8 connected ‘conservation areas’ in the region of the mountains provide a natural haven for those who want to enjoy the fresh mountain air and take in the many attractions in the area.

So if you are set on travelling to the Blue Mountains what are some of the most noteworthy sights?

Following is a short list of the attractions that should not be missed.

Going Deep

Jenolan Caves

The Jenolan Caves which have been carved into the limestone of the area by natural forces is a cave system that is not only readily accessible but also one of the most extensive such systems on the planet.

In fact, so extensive is the Jenolan system that its depths are still being plumbed by scientists.

A trip to the caves will reward visitors with awe-inspiring underground cathedrals of limestone, incredible rock formations and an underground river.

Such is the popularity of this attraction that bookings are essential.

The Scenic Sisters

scenic sisters

The rock formations that make up the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains is an essential stop on any trip to the area.

Local legend is that the spires were the result of actions by a local shaman who turned three maidens into stone in order to protect them from the attention of three insistent young men.

Alas for the sisters, the sorcerer died before he could return them to their fleshy forms – and so they remain there looking out over one of Australia’s great natural vistas.

Those vistas are now open to visitors who can enjoy the short 500-meter stroll to Echo Point lookout where the majesty of the landscape unfolds before you.

A Hiking Haven

Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park is a part of the greater world heritage area that can be experienced in the region.

The sheer scale of the National Park makes it a fabulous destination for those who want to explore both the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains but also get up close and personal with its flora and fauna.

140 kilometres of walking and hiking trails are available – with enough variety to satisfy both the casual visitor and the hardcore hiker.

A visit to Australia’s Blue Mountain region is an experience that will provide memories to last a lifetime.

If you are in Sydney or intend to make it a stop as you travel around Australia, make sure you take some time off to visit the Mountains – it’s a decision you will not regret.

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