What Are The Best Caves To Visit In The Blue Mountains?

Blue Mountains day tours - Jenolan caves

The Blue Mountains offers spectacular landscapes featuring some of nature’s best sights, including some amazing caves.

Before we answer the question of what the best caves a Blue Mountains tour, we first need to explain the caves system and then we will look at the best caves to visit within this system.

So if you want to learn more about the Jenolan Caves and what beautiful chambers you can find in this ancient open cave system, then keep on reading!

The Jenolan Caves

The Jenolan Caves, a highly renowned open cave system that consists of over 40 kilometres worth of multi-level passages full of adventure, has more than 230,000 visitors every year.

The caves are not only recognised as a spectacular landmark in the Blue Mountains but in the whole of Australia as well.

They are comprised of a series of stalactite-lined limestone chambers and chasms that are shaped by pure underground rivers.

There are approximately 300 caves that make up the Jenolan Caves, with 9 of them being open for public viewing and offering a variety of guided tours such as children’s tours, multilingual tours, night tours, and even after-dark tours, which delve into some of the nighttime legends and stories that occur at the caves.

At the Jenolan Caves, you can not only explore all the spectacular show caves, but you can explore passageways, underground rivers, and stunning rock formations you have never seen before. 

The best part is that, with a variety of guided tours, you can choose a tour that can best accommodate your preferences regarding difficulty level, age range, and even fitness level. 

Here are some of the more popular caves that you can find at the Jenolan Caves: 

1). The Lucas Cave

The Lucas Cave is regarded as the most popular cave in the Jenolan Caves. Its high and wide chambers and its playful glimpse of the underground river make it a popular destination in the open cave system.

Its most popular chamber, the Cathedral, is 177 feet in height, and you can also find the popular Broken Column and other cave formations.

The cave is also known to have some of the best acoustic properties ever, which is why a number of weddings and even concerts are held at the Lucas Cave. 

An average fitness level is required to traverse through the Lucas Cave, and it can take about 1½ hours to complete the visit. You will walk up some stairs to the meeting the cave, but the journey after that is smooth-sailing. 

Blue Mountains day tours - Jenolan caves

2). The Orient Cave

The Orient Cave is recognised as the most beautiful cave not just in Australia but in the world. It is filled with highly decorated chambers and rock formations that have just recently been fitted with the best lighting technology for your full enjoyment. 

The fitness level to traverse through the cave is average and it will take about 1½ hours to complete as well.

3). River Cave

The River Cave is a dreamy cave that you must visit. In this cave, you can find the underground Styx River. It has clear blue water and also contains the Pool of Reflections, a deep, illuminated underground lake upon which you can see your own reflection. 

Aside from the underground bodies of water, you can also find amazon chambers such as the Queen Esther’s Chamber and shawls such as the Giant Shawl. There are also various other popular rock formations you can find within the cave. 

The fitness level can be quite strenuous and the journey may take about 2 hours to complete.

Blue Mountains day tours - Jenolan caves pool

4). Temple of Baal

The Temple of Baal showcase is a series of amazing caves that have also been fitted with the latest lighting technology so you can receive the full experience. 

The cave is most popular for its two large chambers and other rock formations such as Angel’s Wing shawl which is about 3 metres long. The cave is also popular for its astounding helictite formations that seem as if they defy all laws of gravity.

The fitness level required is average and the journey will take about 1½ hours to complete. The minimum age is 6 years old, so the cave is also child-friendly.

Final Thoughts

As we can see, the Blue Mountains has some absolutely incredible caves to visit that will leave you absolutely speechless and live in your memory forever.

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