The 6 Best Hiking Trails In The Blue Mountains That You Should Take

6 Best Hiking Trails blue mountains

The Blue Mountains National Park is located in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales and is recognised as one of Australia’s most magnificent landscapes.

It is home to 11,400 kilometres worth of mountains, sandstone cliffs, and forest-filled valleys with various exploration activities you can participate in.

There are numerous wonderful sceneries you can visit that range from the emerald valleys to stunning rock formations.

Perhaps the most popular activity to do in the Blue Mountains is to explore these various rock formations that endlessly reveal the beauty and wonders of the Earth. 

Here are 6 different hiking trails that you can take part in at the Blue Mountains National Park.

1). The Grand Canyon Track

The Grand Canyon track is regarded as one of the most beautiful hiking tracks you can experience.

The track can start from either Blackheath or Neats Glen where you will traverse down to a valley through surreal creeks and enormous tree ferns. 

You will also come across waterfalls, a lot of greenery, and moss-covered cliffs which will definitely make your Grand Canyon experience one-of-a-kind and unforgettable. It is also well-shaded so it makes your summer journeys even better. 

Back and forth from Blackheath or Neats Glen as your starting point, this wonderful journey can span for about 6 hours.

2).The Three Sisters to Katoomba Falls

The Three Sisters is another popular rock formation in the Blue Mountains. It is a 3.1-kilometre walk beginning at the Three Sisters Lookout at Echo Point and ending at Katoomba Falls. 

The walk is fairly easy to traverse as the paths are paved and there are some staircases. In this walk, you can pass by the famous Jamison Valley and encounter many more iconic and lush valleys.

3). Ruined Castle

The Ruined Castle trek which is known to have a historic mining heritage begins at the Golden Stairs and takes you to the Jamison Valley where you will finally reach the Ruined Castle.

From the cliff face, you will descend into a lavish rainforest where you can spot unique species such as the lyrebird. 

As a historic mining route, you can also come across the ruins of cottages that once belonged to miners in addition to impressive boulders and rock formations. You can also see views as far as Katoomba and the Wentworth Falls.

4). The Charles Darwin Walk

The Charles Darwin walk is relatively solemn in comparison to the other hiking trails in this list. It is tucked away from the more bustling areas of the park but features sparkling streams and a vast arrangement of lush, green trees. 

This walk is only 2.5-kilometers long (one-way) and the paths are in great condition. 

5). The National Pass Track

The National Pass track is another iconic trek in the Blue Mountains National Park. It is known to be one of the oldest tracks and is uniquely sculpted into the cliffside of the valley.

The walk itself has a steep beginning but is followed by an easy, flat trail to traverse.

In this track, you can also view iconic waterfalls such as the Wentworth Falls and Empress Falls, after which you ascend into lookouts that feature scenic views of the landscape. 

There are different routes that you can take in the National Pass track. You can take the Undercliff Overcliff Walk or the Wentworth for a more demanding but amazing hiking experience.

In these walks, you can stroll through towering trees and cascading waterfalls from steep cliffs. The experience is totally up to you to customise!

6). The Six Foot Track

The Six Foot Track is a challenging track that can take two to three days to complete.. Similar to the Ruined Castle, the Six Foot Track is quite historic.

In 1884 it used to be a horse track and has been highly visited because of its historic origin. The Six Foot track takes you through a variety of fauna and flora mixed with amazing water sceneries.

The trail is around 45-kilometers long beginning from Katoomba and crossing through the Jamison Valley to Jenolan Caves as the endpoint. 

The Jenolan Caves is located within the mountains and is popularly recognized as one of the most ancient and prestigious limestone cave systems worldwide.

It has underground rivers and has 40-kilometres worth of caves which make exploration endless and neverending.

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