7 Best Blue Mountains Walks For Day Hiking

blue mountains walks for day hiking

The Blue Mountains is a haven for “Sydneysiders” and foreign tourists alike, especially those who are into day hikes. 

This ancient landscape is located in New South Wales and is about an hour from Sydney. 

It’s a World Heritage Site and home to a number of walking tracks and beautiful sites, including valleys, waterfalls, caves, rainforests and canyons. 

Most of these walks are connected to reliable public through which hikers can access the walks. 

Hikers can expect a day of walking through these easy to hard trails that require the right gear and some company. 

Interested in taking a day hike in the Blue Mountains? Here are seven of the best tracks you can choose:

  • Grand Canyon Walk
  • Ruined Castle Walk
  • Charles Darwin Walk
  • Prince Henry Cliff Walk
  • Six Foot Track
  • Katoomba Falls Round Walk
  • Lockley Pylon Walk

1. Grand Canyon Walk

This walking trail is regarded as the most impressive one in the Blue Mountains. 

It takes hikers through the lush rainforest of the region as they set their eyes on the creek crossing, sandstone walls, waterfalls and rock overhangs. 

The 6km long walking trail was opened in 1907 and has since been walked by hundreds of thousands of hikers. 

The track is graded as a moderate to hard walk and it takes hikers about 2.5 hours to complete. 

2. Ruined Castle Walk

The 8km return walk is regarded as a moderate to hard walking track and connects to the Federal Pass in Katoomba. 

The hiking track leads hikers through the Ruined Castle, which is one of the most iconic landmarks in the region of Jamison Valley. 

Hikers begin at the Golden Stairs, descend into the Jamison Valley and then climb up the Ruined Castle. 

From this iconic rock formation, hikers can enjoy panoramic views of the valley and the areas beyond. 

3. Charles Darwin Walk

This walk follows the Jamison Creek south and leads to the top of the Wentworth Falls. Hikers get to enjoy the sight of the creek flowing down the small waterfalls. 

Hikers are required to endure a 189m distance of climbing whenever they take on this walk. 

The entire walk is 5.6km round trip and will take hikers about 2 hours to complete. 

The Wentworth Falls top is a perfect spot for hikers to rest and lay their eyes on the breath-taking Jamison Valley.

4. Prince Henry Cliff Walk

This adventurous 7km walking track is located between the Leura Gordon Falls Lookout and the Scenic World in Katoomba. 

The walk follows the edge of the cliff that overlooks the Jamison Valley and offers hikers plenty of beautiful views of the Blue Mountains. 

Some of the sites that can be viewed on this walk include the Three Sisters, Katoomba Cascades, Leura Cascade, Echo Point and the Olympian Rock Lookout.

5. Six Foot Track

Probably the longest walk in the Blue Mountains, this 44km long track was initially built as a horse track in 1884. 

Hikers take three days to complete the walk, which starts at Katoomba and leads to the Jenolan Caves.

The major highlight of this track is the Bowtells Swing Bridge, which is a suspension bridge over the Coxs River.

6. Katoomba Falls Round Walk

This walking track brings tourists up-close with the most fascinating waterfalls in the Blue Mountains. 

It’s a short walk but tourists are guaranteed an exciting time walking through the rainforest and the epic views over the valley.

7. Lockley Pylon Walk

The 7km return walk leads hikers through the bushes in the Blue Mountains and offers them a unique site of the Gross Valley, Mount Banks, Govetts Gorge and the cliffs of Mount Hay. 

The track is pretty quiet and undiscovered, making it even more enjoyable. 

The various landscapes, habitats and the steep nature of the track give hikers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the breath-taking views.

The Blue Mountains is home to plenty of scenic views, including valleys, creeks, cliffs and waterfalls. 

Most of these walks are one-day hikes and give the locals and foreign tourists the opportunity to view these sites up-close as well as soaking up the wonder of the rainforests.

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