What Are The Best Hiking Trails In The Blue Mountains?

Best Hiking Trails In Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is filled with a plethora of splendid natural formations and endless opportunities to explore and discover them.

Among one of the more popular activities to do at the Blue Mountains is to take a walk along a hiking trail, the perfect way to marvel at some of the most iconic, one-of-a-kind rock formations you are likely to ever come across.

If you want to learn more about some of the best hiking trails at the Blue Mountains, then keep reading for more!

1). Grand Canyon Track

Not to be confused with the Grand Canyon in the U.S., the Grand Canyon track spans 5.4 kilometres and surpasses some of the most picture-worthy scenes in nature. 

It begins at the Evans Lookout and continues down to the track that leads straight to the canyon itself, a place where you can encounter steep, moss-covered cliffs and varieties of unique fauna. 

The track itself is moderately easy to travel, as it does have some sections with steep elevations, but the condition of the track itself is very good. It is also shaded, so you are protected from the heat of the summer. 

2). Wentworth Falls Hike

The Wentworth Falls are one of the most famous waterfalls in the Blue Mountains as the iconic three-tiered waterfall towers over 187 meters in height. 

The hike itself cuts through the mountain and spans around 5 kilometres beginning from the top of the waterfall at Jamison Lookout all the way to the bottom. 

Part of the hiking trail has steep staircases leading down to the falls, so be sure to remain cautious and careful on this hiking trail. 

Make sure to bring your swimmers with you to cap off your beautiful hiking trip with a quick dip in the falls!

wentworth falls - blue mountain tour

3). The Six Foot Track

The Six Foot Track is by far one of the most popular hiking trails at the Blue Mountains.

It is just under 45 kilometres long and takes about two to three days to walk, beginning from Katoomba all the way through Jamison Valley to the Jenolan Caves.

On this hiking trail, it will be helpful to book accommodation as it is a long hiking track. However, the experience will be irreplaceable and lifechanging, so pack your bags and check it out!

4). Ruined Castle Hike

The Ruined Castle hike is considered one of the easier hiking trails. It begins with a train ride that will take you to the bottom of Scenic World, where you can traverse across the bottom of the cliff and through a forest rich in historic value to reach the Ruined Castle. 

The Ruined Castle is a popular destination because of its rich history as a mining route, home to the ruins and remnants of miners’ cottages.

You will also encounter unique wildlife like the lyrebird and amazing fauna like enormous coachwood and sassafras. The trek itself is relatively easy and you are free to manage how far you want to traverse. 

jamison valley - blue mountain tour

5). The National Pass Track 

The National Pass Track is another popular hiking trail at the Blue Mountains. It is a bit more challenging, however, the views make it totally worth it.

The track itself is a 5-kilometre circuit and cuts through the cliffside of the valley showcasing splendid views of the endless landscape.

It is also known as the oldest track in the Blue Mountains as it came into existence at the beginning of the 20th century.

The track has a steep, downhill beginning where you will later come across waterfalls and a flat trail where you’ll encounter all sorts of Australian wildlife.

As you ascend back up, you can visit several lookouts for a quick break and a photo-taking session. There are different routes that you can take at the National Pass Track such as the Wentworth Pass or the UnderCliff Overcliff Walk.

However, along any of these routes, you will pass by steep cliffs, towering trees, and gushing waterfalls such as the iconic Wentworth Falls and Empress Falls.

Final Thoughts

Hiking trails are a great way to experience different aspects of nature from colourful wildlife to varieties of natural wonders like extravagant waterfalls and magnificent canyons.

If you want to discover the Blue Mountains to the fullest, then going on a hiking trail is one of the best ways to do so! If you plan to visit the Blue Mountains in Sydney, you should hire a reputable tour guide to arrange the tour for you.

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