What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit The Blue Mountains?

Best Time Of Year Blue Mountains

What is the best time of year for a visit to the Blue Mountains? This is a common question asked by everyone, so let’s break it down now to find out when the best time of year actually is.

The Blue Mountains in NSW is a picturesque place that is great to visit at any time of year, although there are some periods that are classed as being peak tourist season.

Timing your visit based on whether you’re hoping for a quiet time or the perfect weather can make a huge difference to your enjoyment. Here’s a quick look at some of the best times of year to visit the Blue Mountains.


Spring is September to November, and you can expect to see temperatures of between 20 to 28 degrees Celcius, with moderate wind and humidity. This is comfortable for most people.

There may be some snow, but only for a couple of days per month, if that.

The hotel fees tend to be low at this time of year because spring is the quietest time of year for travel, so if you’re looking for some peace and quiet and a low-cost break this is a good time to travel.


December through February are the summer months for this part of the world. Weather is perfect at this time of year, and you can expect to see enjoyable conditions.

The average high at this time of year is 30 degrees Celcius to 26 degrees Celcius on the lower end. It tends to rain for about a week out of the month, but despite that, this is the busiest time of year for travel.

This means that you can expect higher fees for accommodation. There’s a reason that this is a busy period, though. It’s great weather, great views, and wonderful atmosphere.


March up to May will see higher humidity, but still some high temperatures. As the months draw on the weather gets colder, and temperatures range from 28 degrees Celcius early in Autumn down to 18 degrees Celcius later on.

You can expect to see several days of rain, but it won’t put a dampener on people’s spirits. Autumn is a good time for tourism. It’s not as crowded as Summer, so prices are lower, but there’s still plenty going on, so you won’t be bored!


The Winter months are from June to August. You can expect limited rain and snow, and a mixture of pleasant temperatures but also colder lows.

You don’t see so many tourists in the area at this time of year, which makes it good for a cheap break. However, a lot of the tourist attractions will have shut down in favour of the winter festivities instead.

Choose Your Adventure

Most people would tell you to choose Spring or Autumn as the best times in terms of things to do, weather, and affordability. Summer is a nice choice if you want to engage in lots of outdoor activities.

Winter attracts people who want to take part in Yulefest and the Winter Magic Festival, so there is always something to see and do in the Blue Mountains.

As you can see, the Blue Mountains has something to offer all year round.

This means that you can come when you have the time and money, rather than having to find a narrow window of good weather and the right options for entertainment.

The Upper Mountains of Katoomba, Leura and Blackheath can be colder at certain times of year but have stunning beauty, while the Glenbrook and Springwood lower mountains are generally warmer, and can be comfortably explored at your leisure.

This is a destination that has something to offer everyone, no matter what time of year they choose to visit.

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