8 Of The Best Circuit Day Walks In The Blue Mountains

Circuit Day Walks Blue Mountains

Do you love nature walks? Do you love being outdoors alone in the fresh air? Well, bushwalking in the Blue Mountains is the best way to get that thrill. Please read below for tips on organising and planning your trip.

The Blue Mountains is one of Australia’s most famous national parks with spectacular scenery, hiking trails and plenty of other activities to keep you occupied and is a great place for Blue Mountains day tours.

Following are some of the best circuit walks in the Blue Mountains where you can drive, park your car and go back to your vehicle without using taxis, backtracking or car drop-offs.

1. Waterfall Circuit, Lawson

Do you love chasing waterfalls? Well, who doesn’t? If so, this is an amazing and simple trail for you. It’s less crowded and scenic. You will enjoy the iconic mountain walks in this amazing place.

When you go to the waterfall circuit, you will see 5 waterfalls over the 3km walk. You can start walking from Honour Avenue opposite Livingstone Street, Lawson. Make sure you pack a picnic lunch and swimming trunks.

You will take about one and a half hours to complete the entire circuit walk.

2. Posters Pass/Centennial Glen, Blackheath

This circuit walk goes back to 1888. The Posters Pass also known as Centennial Glen can be found to the west of Blackheath. You can enjoy the amazing views of the Kanimbla Valley and the numerous waterfalls in the area.

Don’t forget to check out the mossy glens, ferny gullies and the sandstone overhangs. The entire walk takes 3 hours and it’s the best walk to take if you want to avoid the crowds.

3. Rienits Pass Track, Mount Victoria

This is an amazing walk and take about 2 hours to complete. There are a few tricky spots where you will have to ascend mossy stairs and scramble over fallen tree trunks, so is great for those into a bit of adventure.

There are proper signposts all along the track and you will see an old bridle track in a zig-zag shape and also pass by vertical sandstone ledges. Therefore, it’s also an amazing place for rock climbers.

You can also enjoy the amazing views of the Kanimbla Valley.

4. Grand Canyon Circuit Track, Blackheath

This is one of the most popular walks with scenic views of the area. It’s a 6km loop that might be a little difficult especially because of the steep ascent when you approach the end.

You will take about 3 and a half hours to complete the entire walk. Beginning at Evan’s lookout Rd close to Neate’s Glen, you will go through the cliffs and sandstone walls along the edge of the canyon.

5. National Pass, Wentworth Falls

Here, you can enjoy magnificent views, cool water holes and iconic waterfalls. You can leave your vehicle at the Falls car park and finish it at the Conservation Hut Café. You will take about 3 hours for the entire 5kms.

If you want to avoid the crowds, you should take the walk midweek or early in the week.

6. Federal Pass In Katoomba

Here, you can enjoy the magnificent views of the Blue Mountains. The entire circuit takes about 6.5km and you should be able to finish it within 4 to 5 hours.

You can park your car at Scenic World then go through the gentle cliff all the way to the three sisters. Finally, you can descend the Giant staircase and go into the valley.

You can climb up if you are good at it or use a cable car to get out of the valley.

7. Nature Track, Wentworth Falls

Here, you will start and end your trip at the conservation hut. It takes about 3km takes about an hour or longer to complete, especially if you enjoy the numerous diversions along the way.

Enjoy the amazing views on the Nature track for the best adventure.

8. Sassafras Gully And Wiggins Track, Springwood

This is one of the best circuit walks in the lower mountains. It is round about 5km and you should take about 2 and a half hours to finish the entire walk. For the most scenic views, you should visit around the spring season.

If you love the scenic view of the Blue Mountains, try out one or all of the 8 circuit walks mentioned above for the best results!

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