5 Reasons That The Blue Mountains Are Worth Visiting

best places to visit in the blue mountains

There are a lot of excellent destinations in Australia worth visiting. The Blue Mountains are at the very top of that list.

These mountains stretch over an area of nearly 1.4 million hectares. Hidden among the trees are waterfalls, ancient caves, unique cliffs, and a variety of tourist activities.

The start of the Blue Mountains region is just over 50kms away from the New South Wales capital of Sydney.

If you’re in Sydney for a full vacation or just a brief visit, then y ou should seriously consider a day tour of the Blue Mountains.

You may be wondering what makes the Blue Mountains worth visiting when there are so many tourist destinations in the country.

Here are a few answers to that question:

  1. Close proximity to Sydney
  2. World’s oldest caves
  3. A genuine Japanese bathhouse
  4. The Three Sisters
  5. Scenic World

Some of these answers are pretty straightforward while others relate to specific locations that you should definitely visit while touring the Blue Mountains.
Let’s now take a look in a bit more detail why you should visit the Blue Mountains.

1. Close Proximity To Sydney

As mentioned earlier, the Blue Mountains technically begin just over 50kms from the Sydney metropolitan area.

Of course, you will need to travel a little further inland to begin your trip. Most tours start their journey about an hour away from the city.

That means you can plan a full tour to visit the Blue Mountains and return on the same day if you’re staying in Sydney.

FJ Tours specialises in these short day trips.

2. World’s Oldest Caves

Cave enthusiasts from around the world travel to the Blue Mountains specifically to visit the Jenolan Caves.

Stepping inside this cave system is like taking a trip to a different world.

You’ll see massive stalactites and stalagmites alongside rushing underground rivers and crystal formations.

Despite being listed as the world’s oldest cave system, the Jenolan Caves are maintained in spectacular condition. It’s worth visiting with the entire family.


3. A Genuine Japanese Bathhouse

Sparadise is a Japanese-style bathhouse that is just a short drive west of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

You’ll find all of the amenities you would expect from a classy spa with a few additions that you might not.

It’s the only genuine Japanese bathhouse in all of New South Wales. The only setback is that the spa is only open during the weekends and reservations are required.

However, if you can plan appropriately it’s one of the many reasons that the Blue Mountains are worth visiting.

4. The Three Sisters

These aren’t actual people that you will visit. Instead, it’s a massive rock formation with three distinct shapes.

The best part about the formation is that it seems to change colours throughout the year.

Photographers have been known to spend months photographing the cliff sides in an attempt to capture the best shades.

There’s also a sad love story behind the three cliffs for those that are interested in the local mythology.

5. Scenic World

Scenic World consists of a collection of vehicles that travel through specific parts of the Blue Mountains.

The most famous is the Scenic Skyway, which takes tourists hundreds of meters above the mountains and across some of the most impressive landscape.

You’ll get one-of-a-kind views of some of the best parts of Blue Mountains regardless of which vehicle you take.

However, the best option is to plan a trip with all three of them involved. Some of the tours on FJ Tours include tickets for the Railway, Cableway, and Skyway.

Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

These are only five reasons why the Blue Mountains are worth visiting. There are easily a dozen or so more reasons.

Some of those reasons include access to hidden museums, mystery tours, and a chance to walk through a crowd of thousands of glow worms.

In reality, there’s really no reason “not” to visit the Blue Mountains if you’re planning a trip to Sydney.

If you are planning to visit the Blue Mountains, look no further than FJ Tours.

At FJ Tours, our friendly sightseeing day tours are the best way to maximise your travel time, which means you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the Blue Mountains.

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