Your Guide To The Best Blue Mountains Hiking Trails

guide to the best blue mountains hiking trails

The Blue Mountains are the perfect place for explorers to hike and discover some of the most spectacular sights in the region.

From the deep valleys, hidden waterfalls, wild animals, unique rock formations, and the iconic Three Sisters, these sights will make you fall in love with this magical place.

The Blue Mountains is also home to hundreds of walking trails and it’s almost impossible to walk through all of them.

Visitors and foreign explorers prefer to use the prominent trails depending on their levels of fitness and preference.

Let’s take a look now at some of the best hiking trails in the Blue Mountains:

  • Ruined Castle hiking trail
  • Three Sisters Blue Mountains footpath trail
  • Wentworth Falls trail
  • Charles Darwin walk
  • Pulpit Walking trail
  • Grand Canyon walk

1. Ruined Castle Hiking Trail

This 6.6 km return hiking trail is best suited for the physically fit type since it is not an easy walk. It begins at the Golden Stairs and descends into the Jamison Valley.

Explorers taking this trail walk through the exuberant rainforest filled with sassafras and coachwood.

On this trail, you get to climb the Ruined Castle, which is one of the most renowned landmarks in the valley.

On top of the rock formation, explorers get to enjoy the views of Cedar Creek Valley, Jamison Valley, Katoomba, and the Wentworth Falls.

2. Three Sisters Blue Mountains Footpath Trail

This 1.1 km return hiking trail is family friendly and does not take much out of the hiker.

Although it includes some steep steps, it is a short walking trail that is popular for both locals and foreigners.

On this trail, you get to see The Three Sisters from all angles.

It starts at Echo Point Lookout, a popular lookout in the Blue Mountains National Park, and allows you to enjoy views of Jamison Valley and Mt Solitary on the way.

3. Wentworth Falls Trail

The Wentworth Falls track is a 1.4 km return trail that begins at Wentworth Fall picnic area. The trail is steep, and the short distance shouldn’t fool you.

By taking the path past Wentworth and Jamison Valley lookouts, you later descend down about 200 steps to Fletchers lookout.

Here, you get a fantastic view of Wentworth waterfalls and that of the Jamison Creek as you approach the top of the falls.

4. Charles Darwin Walk

This is a family-friendly trail and a perfect walk for history lovers as well. From its name, one can tell that the famous naturalist, Charles Darwin walked it.

The 2.4 km return trail begins at Wilson Park and leads you through the open forest, hanging swamps, and shrub until the trail meets the Weeping rock loop.

The trail is also home to many bird species and is, therefore, a top choice for bird watchers.

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5. Pulpit Walking Trail

The 7km walking trail starts at Govetts Leap lookout. The steps on this walk lead to a small creek.

From the creek, hikers cross the bridge and head for the cliff edge.

There are several lookouts on the way which give the hikers a panoramic view of the Grose Valley and the mountains in the distance.

This is the perfect walk for those who wish to discover new scenery in the Blue Mountains.

6. Grand Canyon Walk

This is one of the most historic rails in the Blue Mountains.

The 6.3km trail begins at Evans lookout and continues through the thick vegetation of golden wattles and ferns.

It follows the Greaves Creek which means that hikers enjoy the view of waterfalls and creeks.

Hikers often combine the trail with the Cliff Top Walking track for a longer hike.

The Blue Mountains are home to many scenic views, including waterfalls, valleys, and creeks.

Hikers can use hundreds of trails to explore the mountains, with the most popular ones being the six we mentioned above.

With most of these trails only being a few kilometres, hikers can always anticipate a breath-taking walk in the Blue Mountains.

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